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Katie Ellis


Katie advises the firm’s clients on the legal issues facing nonprofits including establishing and securing tax exemption for new nonprofit entities, governance and fundraising issues, maximizing advocacy within federal and state laws and the employment relationship.

Katie has more than 10 years of nonprofit management and political consulting experience that she uses to develop a comprehensive insider understanding of the issues her nonprofit clients are facing.

Katie’s goal at Harmon Curran is to help nonprofits and movement organizations maximize their impact by running strategic programs and building high-functioning workplaces, and understand the best ways to do so within the various laws and regulations that govern their work.

Before joining Harmon Curran, Katie most recently served as the Executive Director of Community Outreach Group, LLC, a political consulting firm that specialized in canvassing and organizing campaigns for elections and nonprofit advocacy. She was responsible for launching the firm, which hired over 8,000 employee and knocked on 6 million doors, and she raised and managed an annual budget of up to $13 million. Prior to that position, Katie spent several years working for various nonprofits leading national campaigns, providing training, and designing programming to comply with 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) regulations. She also has experience doing fieldwork for candidates for political office.

Katie also volunteers with a local legal services clinic that advises low-income clients on issues of employment law.

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