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Case Studies


Criticism of Candidates Ruled 501(c)(3) Permissible

A prominent national organization was concerned that its ongoing efforts to investigate and educate the public on a topic of significant public importance might run afoul of the ban on 501(c)(3) political campaign intervention when the organization reported on people running for office or other election-related news in ways that people would perceive as casting…


Reduction in Force

After a leadership transition, a nonprofit organization realized it had a very large budget deficit that could be addressed only by a reduction in force of approximately 25% percent of its staff. We worked with the organization to identify all relevant legal considerations, develop a reduction in force policy for approval by the board of…


Nonprofit Embezzlement

The CEO of a nonprofit contacted us over a weekend to report that it had just determined that a long-term, valued employee had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. First, we advised the client on the immediate suspension and then termination of the employee’s employment. We assisted the client with notifying all the relevant stakeholders…

Advocacy + Politics

National Political Alliance

An alliance of national advocacy organizations wanted to form a groundbreaking coalition to win federal and state elections in key battleground states. We wrote the partnership agreement that structured how the partners worked together, created federal and state political committees to make the work possible, and advised the coalition on every aspect of the operations…

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